The Book of Dreams

Lyrics: The Book of Dreams

I'm on a secret journey
Where adventures will overwhelm, yeah
Now or never
Look at the cursive writing
Beyond the books it will drag me
Now or never
There's a blinding light, those strange, stars in the sky
I will follow
I'll see them again
and turn them off
Earth as a pillow
My profile
In a shadow
Shivers at the thought
Frenzey's shaking inside of me, yeah
Now you can
Obsessive whirl
I've decided what I'm going to do
Now you can
By the curses as inocent as a child
I will hurt
I will run away
I will fight
Under a veil
Beneath the mistery
Escaping killers
Silver waves
a moving horizon here to share
You will joint it
Against the wind
Your timeless journey will be reveald to you
You will own it
Skies and seas
cold metal 20,000 leagues below
It will sink down
Green aquariums
tired from the battle of bloody swords
so now rest, and recover
You will live
My destiny is burning
What will be invented to prove I'm alive
Now you know
Darkness wraps around the sky
An ancient fire's burning me
Now you know
New ideas, land and people, learn to love
Churches and temples
I will find
I will face
Understand where I belong
Curtains on your world
80 days around you go,
hello young man you follow me
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