Bridge to Another Rainbow, pt. II – Morning Comes

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Bands:   Anabasi Road

Lyrics: Bridge to Another Rainbow, pt. II – Morning Comes

Storming chains over the sky
Shiny lights gaining wild life
Waging lost souls
Gathering forgotten hopes

But now the time has come
For me to change what I believe
And to face my darkest dream
I awake!

Find everything you need
Feel what you wanna feel
It's not what you're looking for
It's not what you're waiting now
Dancing under the rainbow
It's time to be free to see
Write down your closing lines
Ride till the morning comes
Killing your satisfaction
Bleeding for your redemption
Walk this lonely road
Come to the final round
Stars in this heavy night
Looking down in your shaky soul
Hold on! It's not the end
Run! It's not so far

Here we're again free
To be, to say, to tell, to live
No guilt, no shame, no needs, no misery
All alone!

Life... Has brought a state
of wilderness
Pride... Has led your way
to decay
We deserve to feed our souls
You surrender to your call
But I pretend to be free
(am I free?)
To be free
(am I free?)
To be free!!

We used to be a mind
Stuck, a light over the rock
Colours, sparkles in the air
Nothing lasts forever
Bound on a wall
Forced to stare reality
Chaos, noise all around
Stars look upon you
Cloudy evening in the air
Raining down the atmosphere
Train of blames
That rusty gate
Before there were the greens
Now there are the greys
Future who can say?
But I don't care!

Pain! Blame! Frame! Cage!
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