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It was November 2002 when Ustmamò announced the end of their adventure. A few months later, Virgin is releasing a collection of the best songs of the Emilia-based group led by Mara Redighieri. In “Ustbestmamò” seventeen songs from the quartet’s six records are collected. We find the famous “Babydull,” “Memobox,” a reinterpretation of the traditional song “Siamo i ribelli della montagna,” and a cover of Alberto Camerini’s “Rock ‘n’ roll robot.”


  1. Rock ‘n’ Roll Robot
  2. Siamo i ribelli della montagna
  3. Cosa Conta
  4. Sonnolenta
  5. Acant
  6. Memobox
  7. Canto del vuoto
  8. Baby dull
  9. Kemiospiritual
  10. Mai più
  11. Nell’aria
  12. Secondo incantesimo
  13. Per gioco
  14. Tannomai
  15. Ustmamò
  16. Filikuoi
  17. 100 pecore e 1 montone

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