Neighborhood sounds, music from the world

Pupils from two third classes of the “L.da Vinci” secondary school in Reggio Emilia together with groups of other pupils, with teachers and experts, as part of the project ” I Love Cultural Heritage” VII edition, learned about local music production through the heritage of the Ospizio Library and in-person meetings with musicians. Thus, video clips, photos and animations were made with original soundtracks created from selections of songs and images.These multimedia products were shown to the public in a concluding performance in which some of the musicians also participated.

> Poster of the event held at the end of the activity

In the digital archive that has been built from this activity, both the materials produced by the children and a database of musicians active in the Reggio Emilia area are now usable.

Videos made

DJ Immovilli

DJ Immovilli at Spazio Gerra delivered a lecture on the world of DJs, particularly in the 1980s/90s.
Original audio with a digital pad.
Acceleration of the video part alternating with static images that interrupt the rhythm by showing details of the person and the situation.
Use of multitrack creating special situation with multiple co-present characters.
The images were synchronized with the rhythm of the music

Luciano Bosi

Interview conducted in his home: description of the dwelling atmosphere with special objects taken from nature, in keeping with the character’s personality and his naturalistic meditative approach to music. The sounds of the stones are in some cases jarring but in a context of absolute relaxation.

Technically, his voice was recorded with digital recorder, a track from one of his records on the stones was chosen, and after deleting the original audio, the edited video was resynchronized by inserting music as background even in the selected fragments of the interview.

Band Yatra

Filmed using playback. The chosen song is divided into 3 parts: intro consisting of images that contextualize the environment in which the musicians rehearse. The first part presents sequences that give us an insight into the band from an emotional point of view. The second part is based on a more stringent live idea.
It is a rock video, so with a fairly aggressive pace of the images. Technically, the main problem was resynchronizing the individual clips, particularly some moments with movements that had to be very precise as in the case of the drums for example, the guitars’ fingers, the singer’s lip. Note the absence of transitions in editing.

Patrick Ligabue

Patrizio Ligabue gave a lecture on sound tubes. Silvia Perucchetti’s photographic images were used to construct the clip. Technically, a very slow transition between images was made to give that feeling of timelessness typical of Eastern culture from which the music is inspired.

Mirco Ghirardini

Clarinetist Mirco Ghirardini provided us with 2 videos with performances of the wind concert the Nightingale already made from which to make the musical parts. Not a complete song was used but significant fragments alternated with snippets from the interview conducted in the Morris Courtyard of St. Dominic’s Cloisters. The choice of top-down framing with American plan (half-length) serves to characterize the interviewee (the opposite of heroic bottom-up framing). The chicken scene introduces and concludes the folk element.

DJ Rocca

Rocca gave a lecture on building a music track with the new technologies in use among DJs. The lecture environment, filming and lighting did not allow for the creation of an effective video. After downloading his videos and music from youtube, a song fragment was chosen and a video of an imaginary concert was constructed (from the entrance to the performers’ greetings) with a very fast pace but also taking into account the character of the music: less tight editing in the presence of melodic phrases of the song.

Beppe Carletti

Interview filmed in his studio alternating with photos and snippets of historical videos of the Nomad band.

Titian Bianchi

The video was designed and made with the photo/video collage technique using a track provided by the musician.

Harmonics of the world