“L’isola” is an album of the band “Forbici di Manitù”, distributed by Snowdonia in 2010.

It contains Cd in a luxurious pack with a 48-page booklet attached, illustrated by Emanuela Biancuzzi, containing an unpublished story of Alda Teodorani.

<< […] In the L’Isola everything intersects, everything interpenetrates, even the agonizing draws by Emanuela Biancuzzi (in the curated 48-page booklet attached to the CD), called upon to “compose” the visual column to the flow of the narrative. The story tells of the drifting of a man and a woman, perhaps once united by love, to the islands where their experience has dissipated, descending into a dreamlike dimension that echoes the horrors they experienced in their years together. Things buried under the pillow. Things that hurt, pointed things. The Island of the title is the destination of the journey that this woman and man choose for themselves as their last shore, an extreme shore, in their attempt to find what (perhaps) once belonged to them. Even in the moments when the reading is entrusted to Alda Teodorani’s own voice, Le Forbici know how to embroider moments of intense hallucination (see the instrumental Dal Profondo or L’Isola dei Morti – Battigia). And it is precisely in the rearrangement of Rachmaninoff’s L’Isola dei Morti, in the album divided into three phases (Approdo – Battigia – Cordame), that the indefinable inspiration of the clique made up of Manitù Rossi, Vittore Baroni and many other friends (including guitarist Daniele Carretti and multi-instrumentalist Enrico Fontanelli of Offlaga DiscoPax), united by the same oblique strategy, is already manifest. […] >>

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(Parte 1)

  1. L’isola Dei Morti ( Approdo )
  2. Fame
  3. L’albergo

(Parte 2)

  1. La Galleria
  2. Solo x 2
  3. Dal Profondo ( Strumentale )
  4. Intervallo
  5. Otello

(Parte 3)

  1. L’isola Dei Morti ( Battigia )
  2. Dal Profondo
  3. Nella Cantina

(Parte 4)

  1. L’isola Dei Morti ( Cordame )
  2. Dementia
  3. Il Tempo Dell’Obbedienza

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band members

Arranged By – Daniele Carretti, Manitù Rossi
Bass Guitar, Clarinet, Keyboards – Manitù Rossi
Graphics – Rosella Zentilin
Guitar, Keyboards, Effects – Daniele Carretti
Illustration – Emanuela Biancuzzi
Lyrics By [Testi Cantati] – Vittore Baroni
Lyrics By [Testi Parlati] – Alda Teodorani
Mastered By – Francesco Donadello
Music By – Daniele Carretti, Manitù Rossi, Vittore Baroni
Performer [Acqua, Animali] – Rod Summers
Programmed By – Daniele Carretti, Manitù Rossi
Recorded By – Manitù Rossi
Synthesizer [Moog Prodigy] – Enrico Fontanelli
Text By – Alda Teodorani
Voice [Voce Narrante] – Alda Teodorani
Written-By [Drammaturgia] – Vittore Baroni

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