The Swimming Season

Albums:   Punk… Not Diet!
Genres: Post-rock
Bands:   Giardini di Mirò

Lyrics: The Swimming Season

Everything is static
Since that
So what I've become

The dark rooms of your father
Just can't overwhelm

At dawn we might be careful
For our love it might rise
At the end of the snow

At dawn we might be quiet
For our bones they might rest

At the end of the snow
The dark room we left further
Through the woods

You've been scared
As tons of Christians feared the lions
In the Coliseum and cried
For solitude

And everything was made
To waste the best of what they had in store

Everything is static
I'm after everything
Just staring at the basement of
This fall

You've been tryin'
To waste the best of what I had in store
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