Pied Beauty

Albums:   Sorella sconfitta
Artists:   Massimo Zamboni

Lyrics: Pied Beauty

Glory be to God

For all the dappled things

For skies of couple-colour

As a brinded cow

For rose moles all that prick

Upon the trout tham swim

Fresh-firecoal chestnut-falls

For both the finches wings

And all trades and all gear

Equipment tackle trim

For landscape plotted and pieced

Fold fallow and plough

And all thing counter spare

Original and strange

And whatever is slow

Adazzle dim or sweet

And all things freckled shy

All things with fickled mind

Whatever blush in shame

Whatever relieves pain

As you

Glory be to a god

All things wise and endless youth

Can grant unstrained wait

To whom just can't believe

As me
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