My house is on fire

Genres: Rock
Bands:   Julie’s Haircut

Lyrics: My house is on fire

This is a warning:
A dead cat is crossing.
Nobody's talkin'.
They hang out in silence.
I'm out in the cold now,
Wearing no clothes,
The sun is just risin'
A strange kind of dawning.
I'm feelin' so heavy
To watch you go deeper
As you're goin' under
Down in the basement
While everything's fallin'
With buildings and bridges,
Things fallin' apart now,
But no second comin'.
The heat that sorrounds me,
A woman is shouting,
She's wearing a raincoat,
A confortable toilet.
It's all about the omen,
A well planned project
In businessman suitcase
Conspiracy's drifting
I'm wandering outside
A cold brand new morning
The fireman's secret
A wife and a daughter
Well it made me think now
Of untoldable dreaming
My house is on fire
And you're in the middle.
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